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Spending in retirement screencast

Time for screencast #4. In today’s screencast I cover spending in retirement. I cover the three key aspects of spending in retirement; the level of post retirement spending relative to pre-retirement, the yearly increases to spending, and the impact of maintaining flexibility in spending during retirement. The combination of these three can create a powerful impact to how much you need to retire or conversely how much you can withdraw in retirement. I’ve covered these topics before on the blog. For more detailed information please see these previous posts on spending. Post retirement spending Yearly spending increases Maintaining flexibility in spending … Continue reading

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SWRs for different retirement lengths screencast

Time for screencast #3. In today’s screencast I cover how the 4% rule, or 4% safe withdrawal rate (SWR), changes for different retirement periods. I thought I had covered this topic in an old post but as turns out I had not. It’s an important topic to cover. This is the first screencast where I cover one of the basic issues with the 4% rule of thumb – that not every retirement period is 30 years. In the screencast I discuss how the SWR changes for shorter and longer retirement periods. I also start the discussion how it varies with … Continue reading

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How to implement the 4% rule screencast

Well, that was fast! I just finished the second Investing For A Living screencast. In this one I tackle ‘How to Implement the 4% rule’. After publishing the first screencast I quickly realized that there is still quite a bit of misunderstanding when it comes to actually implementing the 4% SWR rule. And I happened to have all the material right at hand. It is not, as many believe, simply taking 4% of your portfolio value every year. I did tackle this early on in the blog but a screencast is a much better platform to explain more complicated concepts. … Continue reading

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Introducing investing for a living screencasts

Today I’m introducing something new for Investing For A Living. Screencasts. I love writing the blog. I love doing the research that goes into the blog posts as well. But I realize it is for a small audience. Especially with some topics like quant investing. Over time I’ve received more and more requests to discuss a variety of basic and fundamental investment topics. After considering many of the options available I’ve settled on screencasts. It’s relatively easy for me to put together and gives me flexibility to go over many subjects. Also, the people I’ve discussed this with think the … Continue reading

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