IVY portfolio end of August 2012 signals

Today was the last trading day for the month of August 2012. Time to take a look at look at the month end closing prices for the ETFs that make up the IVY timing model and see if any actions need to be taken.

As usual you can see the signals at world beta or my preferred source dshort. Below are the signals for the end of August 2012.

This month two buy signals were triggered. Both VEU, foreign stocks, and DBC, commodities, triggered buy signals by closing above their dividend adjusted 200 day (10 month) simple moving averages. Going into today the IVY portfolio allocation is currently 60% invested and 40% in cash (here is a link to the signals from last month). These new buy signals mean the portfolio goes to 100% invested for next month, with a 20% allocation to VEU and a 20% allocation to DBC.

If you are implementing the IVY portfolio you would buy both VEU and DBC on Tuesday, Sept 4th, the first trading day of Sept. As I’ve said earlier I run the IVY model in my family’s IRA and I will be making these trades on Tuesday as well. While not a requirement I recommend using limit orders for your trades as well. Also, any decent broker is offering these popular ETFs on their commission free list so you shouldn’t be paying any fees to buy these ETFs.

For previous posts on the IVY timing model and its performance see here and here.

Full Disclaimer - Nothing on this site should ever be considered advice, research or the invitation to buy or sell securities. These are my personal opinions only.

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15 thoughts on “IVY portfolio end of August 2012 signals

    1. Hi Jim, personally I wouldn’t. I would wait until the signals for the particular ETF went to sell and then back to buy. Or at least I’d wait until it gets close to the 200 day SMA. Obviously, that may take some time but its the safest way. Or at least I’d wait for a pull-back to the 50-day SMA or a less than few % difference between the price and the 200-day SMA. Hope that helps.


    1. Sure Del. A limit order is just an order to buy or sell at your specified price, not the market price.
      For example if buying VEU on Tuesday, in your broker’s on-line platform you could enter a buy-limit order at a price of $42.47, which was Friday’s
      closing price. This means you are telling your broker to buy VEU at any price up to a limit of $42.47 and no higher. Make sense?


        1. Hi Ellis, if the limit order isn’t filled, I try again. The point is to buy during that day and not get too concerned over the exact price.


  1. Paul,

    I recently read the Ivy book. Thanks for your input here. Do you buy the funds on the last trading day of the month or the first trading day of the next month?

    Thanks for your input,

    1. Michael, you buy on the first day of the trading month. You need to wait for closing prices on the final day before you can make any decisions.


  2. Paul:
    I’m now invested in the Ivy Portfolio and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I have a question, if you don’t mind.

    I have not been able to find the YTD return for the portfolio. The returns of each of the ETFs is readily available, but not the Ivy Portfolio. Can you tell me what it is through August?


    1. Kevin, Dshort does an update every month. You can find it through the end of Aug here. Click on the image and towards the bottom you can see the performance by year.


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