New portfolios page

To make finding basic information about the various portfolios I discuss on the blog I’ve created a new Portfolios page. This should especially help out new readers to the blog.

The page lists the 3 major type of portfolios on the blog; buy and hold portfolios, tactical asset allocation portfolios, and quant investing portfolios.

Hopefully, you find it useful. Let me know what you think.

Full Disclaimer - Nothing on this site should ever be considered advice, research or the invitation to buy or sell securities. These are my personal opinions only.

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3 thoughts on “New portfolios page

  1. Paul,

    It looks great! It is both a nice place for new followers to start and also a good summary of all the portfolios you have been tracking and posting on.

    My only suggestion is to consider adding the hyperlinks to your GTAA 13 spreadsheet (both monthly and daily versions) and the Antonacci Spreadsheet. You can add a small comment when each is used (daily vs monthly, etc).

    Again, good addition.

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