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IVY Portfolio June 2013 signals

Time for the IVY timing portfolio trading signals for the end of June 2013.

You can see the signals at world beta or my preferred source dshort. Below are the signals for the end of May 2013. Another source I’ve found for IVY updates is Scott’s Investments. He updates a spreadsheet that details the calculations. The only difference is that he uses the BND ETF instead of IEF for the bond allocation.

IVY June 2013 signals


This month the foreign stock ETF, VEU, triggered a sell signal. There we no other new signals this month. The portfolio is now 40% invested and 60% in cash.

For previous posts on the IVY timing model and its performance see here and here.

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3 thoughts on “IVY Portfolio June 2013 signals

  1. Paul,

    I realize that, with your mobile lifestyle, you like investments that are “portable”. However, now that you are about to “settle down” for a couple or few months on the Oregon Coast, here is an idea that has been working well for us….so far – Funding Home Builders. Right now, the housing market is recovering very quickly, yet it remains difficult to get construction loans from traditional lenders, So builders are turning more and more to individual investors for these monies and are paing interest rates in the 10 to 12% range PLUS 2 to 3% for loan fees. And since a house can be built and sold in as quickly as two months, these loan fees can really add up. You will need some cash to make it work, but with your portfolio holding 60% cash, this might be something worth looking at. Of course, if things go south, then you are stuck with the house (which beats getting stuck with a worthless stock certificate…..). But again, with your life style, so what, you sit on a house of a couple years. Anyway, just though I would share another investing approach with you.

    Enjoy the coast. We are heading to the Rogue River (Wild and Scenic reach) in a couple days ourselves.


    1. Hey Steve,

      Been there done that. I did some funding of homebuilders about a decade ago. Worked out well but I find that in real estate I’d rather be on the equity side of the deal. Similar risks but much better returns especially with cheap mortgage rates.

      Enjoy the Rogue. I’ll be taking some family down there for the jet boats in a couple of weeks.


      1. Paul,

        Have fun on the Rogue as well. We float the Wild and Scenic reach about 5 to 6 times a year.


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