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IVY Portfolio May 2013 signals

Time for the IVY timing portfolio trading signals for the end of May 2013.

You can see the signals at world beta or my preferred source dshort. Below are the signals for the end of May 2013. Another source I’ve found for IVY updates is Scott’s Investments. He updates a spreadsheet that details the calculations. The only difference is that he uses the BND ETF instead of IEF for the bond allocation.

IVY May 2013 signals


This month IEF triggered a sell signal. All other ETFs remain the same as last month. The portfolio is currently 60% invested and 40% in cash.


For previous posts on the IVY timing model and its performance see here and here.

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3 thoughts on “IVY Portfolio May 2013 signals

  1. Thanks for posting the IEF sell signal. Seems we just bought IEF. Was also worried about last Fridays 200 point Dow loss. I think IVY will protect us from a big crash, even though it’s not doing too well this year.

    Put the other half of our savings in the permanent portfolio based on your January recommendations. It’s down for the year, but again I’m really grateful for these recommendations. I sleep better knowing in the long run these methods offer safer and higher returns.


    1. Hi Ingrid. Yeah, its frustrating when the timing signals generate the short term swings. VEU for example generated some short swings last year before catching a good up move. Similarly for VTI in 2011. But these portfolios are about catching the big moves up and avoiding the big moves down over the long run.


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