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IVY portfolio end of December signals

Time for the final IVY portfolio trading signals for 2012.

As usual you can see the signals at world beta or my preferred source dshort. Below are the signals for the end of December 2012.

IVY Dec 2012 signals


No new signals were triggered this month. The portfolio is fully invested just like it was last month. I’m still waiting for the dhsort performance update. I will post seperately on the overall IVY timing 2012 performance once all the data is available.

For previous posts on the IVY timing model and its performance see here and here.

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10 thoughts on “IVY portfolio end of December signals

    1. I uses the strategy in my IRAs, because they’re more tax efficient. But I wouldn’t let the account type keep me from implementing this strategy.


  1. I would like to implement this strategy in my ira or regular account whichever is better to use. Seems to me to be an ira but maybe I just don’t understand. Also, today as an example, everything is ubut for IEF. when do you buy? Seems like today is a bit of euphoria over the fiscal cliff and will quickly fade. Or do you just go buy and ignore timing of purchase. Thanks again.

    1. IRA is more tax efficient. With this strategy you only make buy/sell decisions once a month, at the end of the month. The rest of the time you ignore the market, or at least don’t make any decisions based on what’s going on.


  2. I noticed yesterday on the World Beta web site that the charts for the ETFs in the Ivy Portfolio are not active. They posted daily closing prices along withe the SMA right up until 12/28. What’s happened? Is World Beta no longer posting this information?


  3. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response. I just stumbled across your blog today. I’ve been interested in implementing the IVY timing model and have enjoyed reading through your other posts. What do you think about the timing model as an investment approach prior to retirement?

    1. Kj, I think IVY timing is a great wealth building strategy. As one of the charts in my latest post shows, it builds more wealth than the other strategies I discussed. I think it would work great as a primary strategy but I would use others in addition, like the permanent portfolio, and/or a 60/40 approach with maybe a value and small cap tilt.


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