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The 4 best months for MLPs

I love taking advantage of market inefficiencies or quirks; spinoff mispricings, CEF discounts, etc. Its one of the most entertaining and profitable of past times. I’ll share one with you today in the MLP sector and I hope it makes you some money in the future. Lets dive in. What if I told you the majority of historical MLP returns, since 1995, ┬áhave come in just 4 months of the year? And its the same 4 months every year in which some key event happens. Take a look at the chart below. The chart gives it away but the best … Continue reading

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EPD Q2 2012 earnings results – strong and resilient

Maybe it’s the contrarian in me but I keep expecting EPD to disappoint. Or maybe I’m hoping they disappoint so I can buy a ton more shares. But alas I was the one disappointed yet again. EPD reported strong Q2 2012 results on Aug 1st. Full release is here. Lets see how strong and resilient their results were. We are now smack in the middle of MLP earnings season with Kinder Morgan having kicked it off last week. So far the trend in the results has been some weakness in the numbers mainly due to lower oil and NGL prices. … Continue reading

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MLP valuation at August end

It’s been since May that I updated my table on MLP valuation. With the recent volatility in the market and the month of August coming to an end it is a good time to take a look at MLP valuation. Lets jump right in. As I’ve done before, I updated my top 5 MLP table which also includes the MLP index, AMZ. I like to use both relative and absolute value metrics for any investments and I think the two best are dividend yield and the spread to the 10yr treasury note. Here is the updated table. MLPs, the AMZ, … Continue reading

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Not all MLPs are created equal

Its pretty common investment wisdom that a bull market hides a lot of mistakes. Companies of all types, quality, and sizes go up together. Fortunately, this doesn’t last forever. Tough markets tend to separate the wheat from the chaff and expose any weaknesses in business models, cost of capital, etc… I’ve noticed this taking place in the MLP space recently. The table below shows a list of the MLPs that I track and how much they have come off their 52 week highs. Some difference. The strongest performance has been put in by EPD which is down only 4.46% from … Continue reading

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Update on MLP valuation

Well, the MLP correction I discussed earlier seems to have run its course for now. I thought this would be a good time to see what this correction has done for MLP valuations relative to history. I last did this back at the end of Q1 2011 and was planning to hold off until the end of this quarter but I thought readers would be interested in a more timely update considering the recent drop in MLP prices. First, a few words on the correction. The MLP index, AMZ, hit bottom on May 17th at 351.19 representing a correction of … Continue reading

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Opportunity brewing in MLP land

There looks to be a correction developing in the MLP sector that may bring up a significant opportunity that income investors should begin to have a plan for. Lets look at the drop in prices recently, potential reasons for the drop, and what it means for the sector and more importantly investors. As of 1PM or so Eastern time most of the MLP names are down between 5-13% off their highs. Here are recent prices for the MLPs that I follow and how much they are off their 52 week highs. Definitely looks like a correction is brewing if not … Continue reading

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MLP valuation at the end of Q1 2011

With the end of Q1 2011 upon us, and earnings reports to start coming soon, I thought it was a good time to re-look at MLP valuations, specifically the top 5 market cap MLPs and the Alerian MLP index. I posted on year end 2010 values in this post. Below are two tables showing the valuation of the top 5 MLPs; EPD, KMP, ETP. WPZ, and PAA. The top table shows the valuations from year end, reproduced from my earlier post, and the bottom table shows the current valuations. As the bottom table shows, MLP valuations are up across the … Continue reading

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