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TAA in the real world: theory versus slippage

Today I want to talk about my friend Jose. About a year and half ago, after months of Q & A between us, Jose decided to implement Antonacci’s GEM portfolio in his IRA (see this post for a detailed description). This post describes his first 6 months in GEM, November 2015 through April 2016. I think there are some good lessons here for the implementation of any TAA portfolio or any active strategy for that matter. I covered some TAA implementation tips and tools before. See here and here. Let’s jump right in. Starting out in any active strategy can … Continue reading

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TAA portfolio performance: theory vs reality

One of the biggest challenges in implementing TAA portfolios is coming as close to the theoretical returns as possible. Theoretical returns are based on index returns which are not available in the real world. In this post I’ll explore the major items that keep investors from achieving published theoretical returns of TAA strategies and discuss some ways to minimize the gap between theory and reality. This is definitely an advanced topic but a critical one that I really never seen addressed in the financial blogosphere. First, let’s look at the three big reasons for the gap between theoretical and real returns for TAA … Continue reading

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