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Investing for a living top 10 posts on dividends

Time for guide #2 to the blog. This post lists what I think is a good introduction to dividend investing and some of the nuances behind it. Enjoy! Core strategy: dividend investing – why dividend investing makes up the core of my investment strategy. Simple really. Better long term returns. Dividends; the great bear market protector – the 2nd best reason for dividend investing. Dividends protect your portfolio in down markets and actually enhance returns due to reinvested dividends. Yield on cost; a critical dividend metric – how dividend growth leads to rising returns over time and how to calculate … Continue reading

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The investing for a living top 10 posts on retirement

Over the past year or so I’ve received many comments from readers that it is a bit difficult to find items on the blog, especially for new readers. The search function, categories, and tags are meant to help this but they don’t do a good job of providing an overview or a guide to important topics that I cover frequently on the blog. This is one of the drawbacks of blogs in general. So to help overcome this drawback I’ve decided to write intros or guides to the major sections of the blog and make these guides ‘sticky’ or the … Continue reading

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