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Getting Started with Quantitative Investing

In my last post I introduced Quantitative Investing as a stock investment strategy with great results and low effort. Here I want to show you how you can get started getting familiar with the process involved and the basic mechanics of implementing a quant strategy by using value stocks as an example. First, if you’re seriously interested in quant investing you need to buy yourself the book What Works on Wall Street. The book will give you all the basics on hundreds of quant strategies, how they perform, what their risk is, etc… All the strategies I that I mentioned in the last post … Continue reading

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Introduction To Quantitative Investing

What if I could introduce you to an investment style for equities that can soundly beat the market over time and only requires a few days a year of work? Interested? I thought so. Today I want to introduce you to Quantitative Investing and why you should consider incorporating it into your investment portfolio. Quantitative Investing is a fancy term for systematic, structured investing that automates buy and sell decisions. It represents a combination of passive and active investing. Other terms for it are automatic investing or computerized investing. Many investors are familiar with some very infamous stories of quantitative investing gone … Continue reading

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Beating the market to maximize retirement income – part II

A while back I wrote about some historical analysis I had done that showed several ways that an investor could achieve market beating returns and thus maximize retirement income. It has been known for a long time that several ‘factors’ or characteristics of stocks generate market beating returns. The two classic factors are value and size. Value stocks outperform the market over long periods of time. Small cap stocks outperform as well. The third and newest factor, at least relative to value and size, is momentum. I also showed that contrary to efficient market theory these extra returns do not … Continue reading

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