TAA Investing

Tactical Asset Allocation Performance In 2017

It’s that time of year to update the performance stats of investment systems. In this post, I’ll cover various Tactical Asset Allocation strategies and how they performed in 2017. Let’s jump right in. As usual, I’m using data from the great folks at Allocate Smartly. 2017 was definitely a risk-on year for world-wide risk assets. In particular equities. The higher…

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Economic Indicators, Quant Investing

Using economic indicators to improve quant performance

In today’s post I’m going to present how using a simple economic indicator can increase returns and lower drawdowns in quant portfolios. I’ve alluded to this in many of my quant posts in the past. Here I present the results of such an approach across a range of quant portfolios. Let’s jump right in. For background on using economic indicators…

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Economic Indicators, Economy

Building an investing system with the top economic indicators

Update: I updated the charts and some of the performance results on March 28, 2017. I found and corrected an error in the performance calculations. Conclusions remain the same. It’s finally time to start turning all the economic indicator stuff I’ve been posting on into something useful for investors. In this post I’ll introduce the SPY-COMP indicator and how it…

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Retirement hysteria strikes again

It must be that time of the year again. Retirement hysteria time. Usually in the new year I start seeing a slew of articles on how your retirement is at risk, how you cannot possibly retire now, and the theme for the last few years – how high stock market valuations and low interest rates will guarantee that either you…

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