Quant Investing

Quant strategies: 2017 Performance

In today’s post I present full year 2017 performance stats for the various quant strategies that I cover on the blog. Let’s get started. Below are the 2017 full year total return and max drawdown numbers for the various quant strategies I track. For explanations of the various quant strategies see the portfolios page. All equity portfolios consist of 25 stocks and…

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Economic Indicators, Quant Investing

Using economic indicators to improve quant performance

In today’s post I’m going to present how using a simple economic indicator can increase returns and lower drawdowns in quant portfolios. I’ve alluded to this in many of my quant posts in the past. Here I present the results of such an approach across a range of quant portfolios. Let’s jump right in. For background on using economic indicators…

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Economic Indicators, Economy

Building an investing system with the top economic indicators

Update: I updated the charts and some of the performance results on March 28, 2017. I found and corrected an error in the performance calculations. Conclusions remain the same. It’s finally time to start turning all the economic indicator stuff I’ve been posting on into something useful for investors. In this post I’ll introduce the SPY-COMP indicator and how it…

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