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Don’t let anchoring tie you down

Today I wanted to touch on another common behavioral issue that most investors fall prey to, anchoring. I’ve commented previously on the behavior gap, how behavioral issues lead to investor under performance and specifically how more information often leads to worse investment performance. Anchoring is another behavioral pitfall for investors. I’ll describe what it is first and then show a…

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Recent happenings in income land

I’m finally back from my exile in the woods. I would recommend the Gila National Forest in Southwestern New Mexico to anyone who wants a bit of peace and quiet. Now back to the business of income investing. There has been a lot going on in income investor land recently. Here are some of the items that caught my eye…

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Intel (INTC), a dividend growth stock ripe for the picking?

Tech stocks, especially some of the big cap names, are transitioning to becoming great dividend stocks, in particular great dividend growth stocks. I’ve written about this rising trend previously (here). Also, I wrote about MSFT in particular, here, when it was at $24, although I didn’t think it was cheap enough (it now trades at $28). And even two tech…

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