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Portfolio sheets are back

Quick note. I have now embedded the Google sheets that contain the GTAA13, AGG3, AGG6, and Antonacci GEM, DMFI portfolios directly on the blog. I have upgraded the Google code a bit and implemented auto sort so they should be a bit more robust than in the past. Let’s hope Google cooporates. These are informational only. I don’t do any other tracking of these portfolios other than this. I highly recommend Allocate Smartly for detailed tracking and performance reporting. The sheets are sub menu items in the Portfolios Menu above. Here are the direct links. GTAA Based Portfolios Antonacci Based … Continue reading

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Comparing buy & hold, TAA, and quant portfolios

In my recent overview post on the landscape of available buy and hold portfolios, I said I would come back with a comparison of all the portfolio types; buy and hold, tactical asset allocation (TAA), and quant investing portfolios. Here is that comparison. I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed all the portfolios I compare in this post on the blog at some point but here is a list of the portfolios and some links for more info. Also, I have uploaded a spreadsheet to Google Drive that has more info on the data sources I used for the portfolios. Quant TV … Continue reading

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