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Estimating worst case SWRs for modern portfolios

One of the challenges in dealing with modern portfolios like the Permanent Portfolio, the various IVY portfolios, Risk Parity portfolios, etc is the lack of long term historical data. Most of the modern portfolio data for a broad range of asset classes only goes back to 1973. The period from 1973 onward obviously only represents a subset of historical economic…

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Maybe you should be in 100% cash

This post has nothing to do with asset prices, valuation, or timing the market as the title may have led you to believe. It has to do with investor psychology and behavior. Over the years I’ve wondered if certain types of people would be happier if they didn’t invest in anything but cash. Not ‘better off’ mind you just happier and…

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When to rebalance your portfolio

It’s that time of year again. Time to look at your portfolio and decide on your rebalancing strategy. Most investors know they should rebalance but many don’t do it or they get hung up on the detailed mechanics of rebalancing. In this post I’ll present a quick summary of rebalancing approaches and share my approach as well. We rebalance portfolios…

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