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Christmas wish list, part 2

Today we woke up to a cool rainy Florida winter day, a perfect time for me to reflect on the next 5 stocks on my Christmas wish list (part I here) with a nice cup of hot cocoa by my side. I’m going to keep the list to the top 10 lest I revert back to my childhood ways of writing Christmas wish lists that could have been classified as short stories. Here ya go: 6. PM, Philip Morris International: until not too long ago, part of Altria. It is the international tobacco leader and exposed to more growth than … Continue reading

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Fairfax Financial – possibly the best stealth dividend stock in the world

Today I wanted to talk about one of the stocks on my Christmas wish list. This investment is a good example of how some good detailed homework can find you some great investments. Lets jump right in. What if I told you that right now you could invest in Berkshire Hathaway at a tenth of its size, run by a Buffet-like manager with a similar investment track record, and that pays a significant dividend that not many are aware of? Intrigued? Let me introduce you to Fairfax Financial. Fairfax is a Canadian holding company whose holdings are comprised mainly of … Continue reading

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Christmas wish list, part one

At this time of year our thoughts usually turn to the holiday festivities, family gatherings and such. While no different for me, I usually have one more activity at this time of year that puts me in the Christmas spirit, the creation of an investing wish list. Making an investment wish list, in this case a Christmas wish list is a great investment activity. Its like investment practice, or studying for an exam. With such a list at hand when an opportunity presents itself you will be ready to pounce. The list does not need to be detailed but should … Continue reading

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