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Retirement spending revisited – live a little why don’t you…

Today I wanted to revisit the topic of spending in retirement. Having a retirement spending plan and monitoring that plan is just as important to retirement success as asset allocation or deciding on safe withdrawal rates (SWRs). Yet, it’s not discussed nearly as much as the other retirement topics. And most retirees don’t do it. I’ve talked about retirement spending in the past on the blog, from a personal anecdotal perspective, and from the overall perspective for all retirees, both questioning the conventional wisdom. The conventional wisdom models retiree spending as being adjusted for inflation, as measured by CPI (Consumer … Continue reading

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Spending in retirement screencast

Time for screencast #4. In today’s screencast I cover spending in retirement. I cover the three key aspects of spending in retirement; the level of post retirement spending relative to pre-retirement, the yearly increases to spending, and the impact of maintaining flexibility in spending during retirement. The combination of these three can create a powerful impact to how much you need to retire or conversely how much you can withdraw in retirement. I’ve covered these topics before on the blog. For more detailed information please see these previous posts on spending. Post retirement spending Yearly spending increases Maintaining flexibility in spending … Continue reading

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The flip side of a successful retirement: spending

Most of the ink spilled in talking about retirement is limited to the investment side of the equation. How much do you need for retirement? How much can you withdraw from your portfolio in retirement? How should I invest my retirement assets? And obviously, all these questions are critical. But just as important and not talked about as often is the amount of spending in retirement. I’ll touch on some of my thoughts on this topic and my personal experience. A few weeks ago I was reminded of an old saying, ‘The easiest way to double your money is to … Continue reading

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Spending Realities in Retirement

It’s usually worthwhile to question conventional wisdom. At the minimum you usually learn where that wisdom came from. Often you learn the conventional wisdom is not the best approach. This happens to apply rather well to the topic of retirement spending. Lets take a look at the conventional wisdom regarding retirement spending and see why it may not be the best approach. All the standard retirement models tell retirees to adjust spending every year for inflation right? This how the SWR (Safe Withdrawal Rate) model works. You pick a percentage of the portfolio to withdraw in year 1 and then … Continue reading

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