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Recommended reading list – intermediate

Its cool and damp in south Florida this morning. A great day to watch some good football and work on investing posts. My last post covered a recommended reading list for beginning investors. Today, I’ll add books to the list for intermediate investors, those investors that think they are ready for individual investment selection (stocks or bonds) and/or move beyond the basics of asset allocation. Lets dive right in. The intermediate list has to start with some of the classics on stock investing and some more advanced books on passive investing and asset allocation: Security Analysis – Graham and Dodd … Continue reading

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Recommended investing reading list – for beginners

I’ve been meaning to put together an investment reading list for a while but it has proved to be more difficult than I first anticipated. Finally, I have one. This is part of the list for beginners. A lot of investors I talk to are surprised when I tell them how much time I spend reading about investing versus actually investing. Its something like the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule, 80% of my investing hours are spent reading – whether it be investing books, investing blogs, company presentations, company financials, etc… I can’t remember which famous investor said that his … Continue reading

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