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What’s next for MLPs?

For my first post back I want to update the last post I did before my hiatus. On Feb 10, I posted on how well the MLP sector did in January, with it being the second best January ever, and that good early year performance usually leads to strong results going forward.… Read the rest

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Kinder Morgan reports spectacular Q3 2012 Results

Kinder Morgan kicked off MLP earnings season on October 17 with a very strong report. I’ll briefly discuss the report and then discuss valuation and expected future returns for the Kinder Morgan family of companies.

Kinder Morgan’s Q3 2012 earnings were very strong. The full press release is here for KMP, here for KMI, and here for EPB.… Read the rest

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EPD Q2 2012 earnings results – strong and resilient

Maybe it’s the contrarian in me but I keep expecting EPD to disappoint. Or maybe I’m hoping they disappoint so I can buy a ton more shares. But alas I was the one disappointed yet again. EPD reported strong Q2 2012 results on Aug 1st. Full release is here. Lets see how strong and resilient their results were.… Read the rest

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Kinder Morgan Q4’11 earnings – steady & increasing growth

Kinder Morgan announced Q4 2011 earnings after market on Jan 18, 2011. Being one of the top 3 MLPs by size, having the most diverse business, and being one of the best managed MLPs I think its illustrative of what is going on in the MLP sector to look at their earnings.… Read the rest

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MLP valuation at August end

It’s been since May that I updated my table on MLP valuation. With the recent volatility in the market and the month of August coming to an end it is a good time to take a look at MLP valuation. Lets jump right in.

As I’ve done before, I updated my top 5 MLP table which also includes the MLP index, AMZ.… Read the rest

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KMP reports Q2 2011 results

Earnings season for the MLP sector officially got underway last night with Kinder Morgan reporting Q2 2011 results. The highlight of the release was a distribution increase to $1.15 per unit or $4.60 annualized. KMP currently yields 6.3% on this dividend. From the release:

HOUSTON, July 20, 2011 – Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.Read the rest

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MLP taxation: the upside of ending the tax break

In my last post I described what I consider the worst case scenario for MLPs in the event that their tax favored status ends overnight. Today I want to look at a few of the upsides of such an event. Yes, I do think there are upsides to ending the MLP tax favored status.… Read the rest

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Update on MLP valuation

Well, the MLP correction I discussed earlier seems to have run its course for now. I thought this would be a good time to see what this correction has done for MLP valuations relative to history. I last did this back at the end of Q1 2011 and was planning to hold off until the end of this quarter but I thought readers would be interested in a more timely update considering the recent drop in MLP prices.… Read the rest

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Opportunity brewing in MLP land

There looks to be a correction developing in the MLP sector that may bring up a significant opportunity that income investors should begin to have a plan for. Lets look at the drop in prices recently, potential reasons for the drop, and what it means for the sector and more importantly investors.… Read the rest

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KMP delivers strong Q1 – yet again

Kinder Morgan (KMP, KMR, KMI) reported Q1 2011 results last night after market close. Here is the summary from the press release.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Increases Quarterly Distribution to $1.14 Per Unit

Distribution 7% Higher Than First Quarter 2010
HOUSTON, Apr 20, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.Read the rest

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