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MLP valuation at year end – still room to run!

2010 was another great year for the MLP sector. The MLP index, AMZ, finished 2010 with a total return (including dividends) of 36% compared to the S&P500 total return of 15.1%. And that was after a 76% return in 2009! Those kinds of returns will sure help you lead a more comfortable retirement which, after all, is my goal here. But where does that leave us going into 2011? I have touched on MLP valuation a few times in previous posts (here here here here) and had come to the conclusion that MLPs were a bit frothy in price but … Continue reading

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Reducing risk and enhancing returns through market timing

In an earlier post on risk management I discussed various methods of managing downside risk in a portfolio. One method I mentioned was a momentum strategy based on moving averages. Most would call such a strategy a market timing strategy even though that brings up a lot of negative connotations despite the fact that it works amazingly well. In today’s post I’ll discuss my favorite trend following system, how it has performed in the past, and how you can take advantage of it to reduce your risk. I’m sure you’ve heard it before a million times – ‘you can’t time … Continue reading

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Is it time to sell KMP?

Total returns of 27% per year since 1996. 15% annual growth for dividends in the same time. A $100 investment in ’96 would have turned into $2,518 as of 9/3/2010 compared to $185 for the S&P500. It’s no doubt that Kinder Morgan (KMP) has been a stellar investment over the last 14 years. It is still considered by many to be the big Kahuna of the MLP sector. But there seem to be some storm clouds brewing over KMP. Growth is slowing, valuation is frothy, and the MLP sector is changing. So, is it time to sell KMP? I have … Continue reading

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