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Introduction To Quantitative Investing

What if I could introduce you to an investment style for equities that can soundly beat the market over time and only requires a few days a year of work?¬†Interested? I thought so. Today I want to introduce you to Quantitative Investing and why you should consider incorporating it into your investment portfolio. Quantitative Investing is a fancy term for systematic, structured investing that automates buy and sell decisions. It represents a combination of passive and active investing.¬†Other terms for it are automatic investing or computerized investing. Many investors are familiar with some very infamous stories of quantitative investing gone … Continue reading

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Fee for your life!

Investment fees are such a detriment to future wealth that literally investors should flee from them like their lives depended on it. I’ve touched on the topic of investment fees before using hypothetical fees and looked at their long term impact. It’s awful. But it looks even worse when fees are compared across different investment vehicles. That’s the subject of this post. I’ll compare the fees of active mutual funds to index funds and to individual stocks and look at their impact over different time periods. The results are sobering. I was recently re-reading the great book, The Investor’s Manifesto, … Continue reading

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