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Back to basics: diversified buy and hold portfolios

I often get asked “how do I get started with an investment portfolio?”. The best answer, but not very helpful, is to learn about building and investing in a diversified buy and hold portfolio for the long term. A very true statement but it usually leaves the investor still looking for answers. In this post I plan to be much more helpful in providing guidance for investors either looking to get started or for investors looking for a better approach to building investment portfolios than what they are using now. For this post I will rely heavily on a new book … Continue reading

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Putting together quant portfolios

One of the more overlooked areas of quantitative investing is how to integrate quant strategies into a diversified portfolio. Let’s look at a few of the issues involved and some possible solutions. I’ve discussed the big allocation decision already, i.e. how much to put into quant strategies vs bonds already. I think this decision should be primarily driven by how much risk one is willing to take. I use maximum portfolio drawdown as the primary metric to judge how much risk I’m willing to take. Here is the max drawdown table from that post. For example, to limit annual drawdowns to … Continue reading

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