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Fairfax Financial vs Berkshire Hathaway

When people talk about Fairfax Financial and its chairman Prem Watsa, the description used most often is the ‘ Warren Buffett/Berkshire of Canada’. This is fitting in many ways as the companies are in similar lines of business, insurance, and have impressive investment track records. But how do they compare in term of returns to shareholders and their prospects for the future? This is kind of like picking between two stellar athletes. Your odds with either are much better than average but there are some important differences that I think give one the edge. First, we turn to historical comparisons. … Continue reading

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Is Fairfax Financial a better value than Berkshire?

Top quality insurance companies are among the best values in the market today. I’ve written about Fairfax Financial before as the best stealth dividend stock in the world and about their CEO, Prem Watsa, who is often called the Warren Buffett of Canada. As it turns out, Berkshire Hathaway is pretty darn cheap these days as well. So, I thought I’d compare these two stellar companies side by side to see which one is the better value today. First, lets look at Berkshire. A recent valuation analysis from top value investor Whitney Tilson gave me the idea for this post. … Continue reading

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