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What happened to all the buy & hold bond investors?

What happened to all the buy and hold bond investors? See table below.   The latest long term fund data from ICI shows bond investors are doing what most investors do. Flee an investment at the first signs of distress. Taxable bonds lost about 4% of assets in June and looks like they loose another 3% or so in July. Muni bond funds lost about 5.5% of assets in June and will probably top that in July. These are not the signs of patient long term buy and hold investors practicing asset allocation. Buy and hold is a great investing … Continue reading

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How life-cycle retirement models impact your retirement

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. We are in our winter location for this year, San Diego, enjoying the relatively warm weather, the surfing, hiking, catching up with friends, and just having an overall relaxing time. Today I wanted to follow up on my last post on investing allocation during retirement. Here I want to take a look at the traditionally recommended approach to asset allocation in retirement and how it compares to two other approaches. The conclusion is quite remarkable and as you may suspect the traditionally recommended approach is not all its cracked up to be. … Continue reading

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