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December portfolio review

A relatively non eventful month for my portfolio, especially compared to last month, but nonetheless there were a few changes made. Most of the changes that were made were short term in nature given my uncertainty in the market. All my IRA accounts are run on the IVY timing portfolio and this month there was one new buy signal for those portfolios as discussed here. This is a 100% automatic mechanical system with great long term results. No need to second guess it by considering any short term issues. For my trading accounts there were a couple of changes. Overall … Continue reading

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AFL reports solid Q3 – still cheap with at least 40% upside

Aflac (AFL) reported very solid results for Q3 2012 on October 23rd. See my last post on Aflac here for previous thoughts on the company. The company continues to perform very well and still represents a compelling value at current prices and more importantly future results look to be even better. Lets take a closer look. The summary from the Q3 press release gives you the highlights. The full release is here: AFLAC INCORPORATED ANNOUNCES RECORD THIRD QUARTER RESULTS, RAISES 2012 OPERATING EPS OUTLOOK, AFFIRMS 2013 OPERATING EPS OBJECTIVE, UPWARDLY REVISES AFLAC JAPAN SALES OUTLOOK, INCREASES QUARTERLY CASH DIVIDEND 6.1% … Continue reading

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Aflac (AFL): the duck’s got game

Aflac (AFL) is currently one of my favorite undervalued dividend stocks. I’ve mentioned it briefly in two prior posts (here and here). The company’s core business is strong and has great growth prospects. The current market environment has it quite undervalued and thus presents a great opportunity for patient long term investors. In this post I’ll describe why I think AFL is such a good investment. AFL is an insurance company at its core. It provides a unique type of insurance, supplemental health insurance, which gives it a heads up on competition. The first thing that matters for an insurance … Continue reading

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Finding true value and avoiding value traps

Value investing seems easy when you first approach it. Buy stocks that are undervalued and wait until they return to at least fair value. Finding those stocks that are cheap is also pretty easy. Pick your favorite ratio, arm yourself with a stock screener, and you can easily find a long list of ‘undervalued’ stocks. Well, at least cheap stocks. And therein lies the challenge. Most stocks are cheap for very good reasons. These are known as value traps. The art of successful value investing then lies in being able to identify stocks that represent true value as opposed to … Continue reading

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Increase your odds of making money from selling options

Today I want to look at a few simple ways to increase your odds of making money from selling options. Option selling, i.e. selling cash secured puts, is my primary strategy to generate income from my trading portfolio. I talked about the details of my strategy in this post. The strategy is simple enough but obviously the success of the strategy is dependent on which stocks you choose and the strike prices for the options. It is also critically dependent on having a proper risk management strategy but I’ll leave that topic for another post. A common way of choosing stocks and … Continue reading

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